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Emma has 20 years’ experience as an Occupational Therapist, specialising in Paediatrics, Mental Health and Upper Limb Therapy.

Emma has 20 years’ experience as an Occupational Therapist, specialising in Paediatrics, Mental Health and Upper Limb Therapy.

Emma spent 10 years at Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth and many years in London’s top hospitals, working with children with a variety of acute and long-term health conditions. She then opened The Therapy Space WA and currently leads a team of dynamic therapists.

Emma is passionate about providing exceptional care to children and their families.  She loves working with a wide range of developmental conditions, and complex disabilities.

Specific areas of specialty include assisting young people with developing self-regulation skills, assisting with emotions, social skills and play, learning and attention.

As an Accredited Hand Therapist (awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association) she is able to assess hand function and fine motor abilities and works with a variety of upper limb conditions of developmental, congenital, neurological and trauma origin.

Emma has experience working with children with tics, seizures, chronic pain and fatigue, hypermobility, sensory processing difficulties, handwriting difficulties, ADHD, anxiety, sleep and eating difficulties, gross motor, and coordination conditions.

Emma has published literature on outcomes measures for sensory and upper limb treatment and interventions in the Burns Journal.

Emma enjoys clinically reasoning through complex cases and from a foundation of evidenced based practice, generating creative solutions for young people and families. If you wish to be seen by someone who is skilled and compassionate with a personalised approach toward excellent outcomes, Emma is available to assist your child’s healthcare needs.

Emma’s team at The Therapy Space are also happy to assist with their individual areas of expertise for your child and family.

When not working Emma is spending time with her family and refining her thriving indoor botanical collection.



Better Access to Mental Health Provider

Accredited Hand Therapist – Australian Hand Therapy Association

Developmental Occupational Therapy Australia Member

Occupational Therapy Australia Member.


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