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Dr Ravisha Srinivas Jois is a neonatologist and paediatrician at Joodalup health campus, Perth, Australia.

Ravisha is also trained in developmental and behavioural medicine and worked as a developmental paediatrician with the child development services Perth.

Ravisha has the expertise to carry out various aspects of developmental assessments including evaluation of Autism, developmental delay, Prechtl’s general movement assessment of infants. Ravisha is also able to perform Griffiths III assessment as a part of developmental assessment and eligibility for language development centres.

Ravisha is a keen researcher, an epidemiologist and has published peer reviewed research in class I journals including JAMA Pediatrics, Journal of pediatrics, PLOS one, and the BMJ group. Full details of Ravisha’s journal articles can be found at google scholar

Ravisha’s current projects include probiotics and prebiotics in pregnancy, infants and in autism.

Ravisha is interested in the developmental outcomes of preterm and term infants and has published extensively on late outcomes at various gestational ages.

Ravisha is a researcher at ORIGINS a new long term cohort study and collaborates locally with telethon kids institute, nationally and internationally.

Ravisha is interested is seeing all aspects of neonatology including premature infants, their ongoing developmental assesments until school age and all aspects of general pediatrics.

Ravisha prefers to see children under the age of 6 years for developmental assessments and autism.


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