The ONLY exclusive Paediatric EEG service providers in Western Australia

We at Paedswest are the only providers in Western Australia of exclusive private EEG services for children

Our doctors and team

Our dedicated Pediatrics team includes qualified Paediatrician and Paediatric Neurologist, Neonatologist, Neurophysiology Technologist, Psychologist, Dietitian


Our services

Our paediatric services consists of Paediatric Neurology, Developmental Paediatrics, Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine Services  and More..



View photos of our clinic to assist with your child’s visit to our clinic. See actual photos of our EEG room, waiting and play area. See the children’s creative art gallery.


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Paediatric Neurology Services

Child Neurology

Paediatric neurology encompasses a wide range of conditions affecting a child’s brain and peripheral nerves.

Developmental Paediatrics

Developmental Clinic

We provide expert evaluations and evidence based management of various developmental and behavioural problems in children

Paediatric EEG service

Paediatric EEG Service

EEG(Electroencephalography) is a non-invasive test to record the electrical activity of the brain by using electrodes applied to the scalp.

Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine

Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine Services

Our expert neonatologists provide care to critically ill newborn infants who require special and intensive care.

Dr. Maina Kava


Dr Maina Kava is a consultant paediatric neurologist at Perth Children’s Hospital and privately at Paedswest. She is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians . Maina is an active member of the Australia and New Zealand Child Neurology Society (ANZCNS). She graduated from University of Mumbai with several distinctions and a gold medal. She completed her paediatric training with a gold medal and paediatric neurology training from India, Australia, and Canada.

Dr Ravisha Jois


Dr Ravisha Srinivas Jois

Dr Ravisha Srinivas Jois is a neonatologist and paediatrician at Joodalup health campus, Perth, Australia.

Paediatrician and Paediatric Neurologist

Dr Eleanor Ng

MBChB, DCH, MPH, SpecCertCR(Neuro), FRACP

Eleanor is a paediatric neurologist and general paediatrician. She is a fellow with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians since 2017.

Dr. Gail Simcock

BSc (Hons), DClin Psych

Dr. Gail is a Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families.

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Tania Bianco

Dr. Tania Bianco is a licensed Clinical Neuropsychologist, Clinical Psychologist and Educational and Developmental Psychologist.


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